Property Values

● The roofs will have 8 cm insulation, with
thermal conductivities of λ(W/mk) 0,20.
● Interior walls: Walls 4.5 cm thick made
with drywall panels containing 3 cm
rockwool insulation for soundproofing and
heat insulation.
● Exterior walls: Steel frames 12 cm thick
with embedded rockwool insulation, plus
external thermal insulation 8 cm thick with
thermal conductivities of 0.20 W/mk.
● Flooring: The floors and bathrooms
surfaces will be covered with granite tiling.
The attics will have laminate wood
● The interior walls will have a three-layered
lime plaster finish.
● Exterior door-window frames will be made
of energy efficiency PVC (Uw 1,6) with
high energy saving and weatherproofing
● Interior doors will be pressed panel doors.
Interior walls will be finished with
eco-friendly paint and the windows, doors
and roofs with eco-friendly ripolin paint.
All paints are by Vivechrom paints.
● The plumbing system will be assembled
with multilayer eco-friendly insulated
Valsir pipes.
● The drainage system will be constructed
according to the technical guidelines of
the Technical Chamber of Greece.
● The electrical installation will be done by
an electrical installer technician according
to the new automation regulations and
current Greek electrical regulations.
● An energy effienergy-efficientioning
system will be installed with Α++ with
SEER 6.1 in the cooling.
● Α++ with SCOP 5.8 in heating.
Hot water will be supplied via solar energy
● Internal and external hidden lighting.

  • GROSS REVENUE for 78.60 sqm : €29.300/year
    ROI : 10,46%

  • GROSS REVENUE for 68.60 sqm : €16.932/year.
    ROI : 11,67%

  • Contact details  - Kostas Dimogerontas Founder and MD at KnB
    +30 6944345436 WhatsApp -  Viber.

  • Value for 78.60 sqm 280.000€
    Value for 68.80 sqm 145.000€


Contact Details

+30 6944 345436


Chrysanthemon 7, Nea Makri
Athens - Greece

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